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    Hamyar Tejarat Fartak
    Sales representative of ADR  products in Iran

    ADR industrial group of Indonesia is one of the biggest and well-advanced
    producers of all kinds of filters and for all kinds of ( mining, construction, agricultural )
     ADR  filter products with the Trade Marks of SUPER FILTER and SAKURA FILTER
    are of the highest quality and are much in demand throughout South East Asia, the
   Middle East, Europe and U.S.A.

  Sure Filter Technology Inc was first established in the USA with a concept of
  bringing the excellence of American design and engineering with world class
  efficient manufacturing.
  Sure Filter aim to cover a wider application from automotive,commercial and heavy duty. 
  Their product range covers American,Japanese,Korean and European applications.
  Sure Filter is made by manufacturers of outstanding quality and adhering to the ISO/TS
  Quality Management Standard.
  SURE FILTER offers a complete range of products ranging from air filter, fuel filter,
  oil filter to hydraulic filter. These products are designed to meet the highest demands
  and needs of the modern engine. Sure Filter also offers an economic consideration to
  justify the business sense.
  Sure Filter Technology Inc. believes and prides itself in its quality in order to provide
  effective and efficient filtration solution.
  SURE FILTER Technology combines the best elements of design, distribution and
  world class manufacturing to offer solutions for all “when filtration matters”.
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5.4/10 (Voters 82 Person )