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  Sales representative of HYD-EX hydraulic breakers in Iran

  Due to an upsurge in consumer demand and our customers' request for reliable
  Hydraulic breakers, we are glad to respond to your need by supplying one of
  the best and highest quality hydraulic breakers in the world.
  HYD-EX hydraulic breakers of South Korea are made of the highest quality
  alloys and are well-known for their durability, efficiency and low cost maintenance.
  HYD-EX hydraulic breakers are capable of penetrating hardest material and
  are most convenient for demolishing sites.
  HYD-EX hydraulic breakers with a high efficiency output and one of the most
  reliable steel safeguard which protects the inner components, are easy to use.


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5.5/10 (Voters 80 Person )