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  Sole Sales representative of BKT tires in Iran

  Due to an upsurge in consumer demand and our customers' request,
  we are proud to present BKT high quality tires.
  BKT tires of India are among the most reliable and advanced products
  of their kind and have been successfully competing with other top brands
  throughout the world.
  BKT is one of the biggest and best producers of OTR, mining, dumpers,
  construction and agricultural tires in the world.
  Considering our big share of market, it is our obligation to supply our
  customers with the best products.
  Due to their environmentally friendly manufacturing process and top 
  quality, BKT Green tires have gained a good share of European market
  and are much in demand.
  BKT Green tires use less friction on the road and consequently produces
  less  pollutant which is a good proof of their high quality and popularity.


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5.6/10 (Voters 81 Person )